Our ingredients have no secrets!

Our greatest success? Customer satisfaction! There's only one way to achieve that: fresh, high-quality ingredients! In addition, food quality and food safety are key. Our employees are trained in-house from day one to prepare all products in compliance with strict guidelines and procedures.

You won't believe it till you see it? You can visit the kitchens at our restaurants 365 days a year. So come and have a look!

Our beef

Our hamburger patties are made using 100% beef, meticulously selected by our supplier. They are grilled without adding any extra fat.

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Our potatoes

Thanks to our rigorous selection process, we end up with our long, golden chips with a crispy crust and a soft core.

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All-natural quality ingredients

The best ingredients, selected for you.

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McDo behind the scenes

Food safety is one of the chief priorities in our restaurants.

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