Who are we?

The McDonald's Belgium story kicks off on 21 March 1978, with its very first restaurant on Place de la Bourse in Brussels. But that was only the beginning—today, McDonald's Belgium boasts more than 113 restaurants managed by 23 franchisees, employing over 7,500 people, and serving up 70,000 meals a day. Today, there is table service, both early birds and night owls are welcome at the restaurants, and customers can have their favourite burgers delivered to their homes.

Our history

Even though hamburgers originated in Europe, in Hamburg, Germany, to be precise, the first McDonald's restaurant saw the light of day in the United States in 1937, with brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald as its driving force. Their meeting with Ray Kroc, founder of the brand and none other than their milk supplier, brought a breath of fresh air into their small business.

Our figures

McDonald's Belgium, that's:

  • 113 McDonald's restaurants*
  • More than 7,500 employees*
  • Every day, more than 70,000 meals are served in our restaurants*
  • 40% of our employees are under 25 years old*
  • For 35% the job at McDonald's® is a first work experience
  • 91% of managers began their careers as restaurant employees*
  • 110,574 training hours in 2023 for our employees
  • 100% green energy

* Data McDonald’s Belgium 2023

Our partners

Flavour, quality, food safety and hygiene. To guarantee those every single day, McDonald's needs reliable "partners". Because that's what our suppliers really are—partners. We work hand in glove with our partners to ensure we use only high-quality ingredients selected with care.

As much as possible, McDonald's buys its ingredients from Belgian suppliers or in our
neighbouring countries, who in turn get their supplies from local farmers. For example, all our buns are baked in Olen, and the ice cream and milkshakes come from Friesland Campina in Lummen. But there's another huge plus: by limiting long-distance transport, we reduce carbon emissions.

McDonald's and its suppliers select the products based on extremely rigorous criteria. The 100 % pure beef in McDonald's Belgium burger patties is cut from the chuck. To comply with the highest quality requirements, numerous checks are carried out, not just in our restaurants but also at our suppliers. These quality checks are carried out unannounced, by both internal and external parties.

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