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General terms and conditions

Intellectual property

McDonald’s® is a registered trademark of McDonald’s® Inc. All trademarks, copyrights, patents and intellectual and other property applicable to this site belong at all times to McDonald’s® Inc. unless expressly stated otherwise and if they are trademarks of third parties. These rights are in no way licensed or transferred to third parties. Any form of reproduction and any use of copies of the content of this site for purposes other than private use are strictly prohibited.

Protection of privacy

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Protection of children’s personal data
McDonald’s® wishes to pay special attention to the protection of children’s personal data. On our websites we offer a variety of games and colouring books where children are not required to give their name or address to McDonald’s®.
We only collect limited personal information from children aged 12 years or younger if the collection of that information is necessary to fulfil a specific request from the child. For example, we (only) request an email address when the child asks us to send him/her a screen saver. We will immediately remove the email address from our files as soon as the child’s request has been met. We may also request an email address for a child to participate in a competition. In certain cases, we will also request a parent’s email address so that we can ask that parent’s consent.
We will not request more detailed information from children 12 years of age or younger, such as an address or telephone number, without the consent of their parents or guardian.
McDonald’s® will not make a child’s participation in an online activity conditional upon the submission of personal information that is not reasonably necessary for participation in the activity concerned. Personal data obtained from children will only be used by McDonald’s®, the McDonald’s® Family or any of the companies that provide technical, operational or other services to McDonald’s®. Examples of such services are: improving our websites, responding to requests from visitors to our web sites or organising competitions. These personal data will not be sold or passed on to other third parties not belonging to the McDonald’s® Family.
We recommend that parents regularly check and monitor their children’s online activities.

Links to other websites

If we offer you links to websites not offered by McDonald’s® Belgium, these links are offered to you for information purposes only and to assist you. When entering such websites, we recommend that you carefully read the privacy policy of the website provider. McDonald’s® cannot be held responsible in any way for the policies or practices of owners or operators of such websites. All websites of McDonald’s® offered by McDonald’s® Corporation will have a privacy policy similar to the terms of this notice. Differences will only arise if required by local regulations.
A number of McDonald’s® restaurants are owned and operated by franchisees. These are independent businesses. Some of these franchisees operate their own website and in many cases have a similar privacy policy. Nevertheless, we advise you to read their privacy policy carefully before sending any personal information.


This privacy policy will be updated from time to time by McDonald’s® and therefore it is a good idea to visit this page regularly. Changes made will only apply for the future.


McDonald’s® will take all reasonable steps to keep your data secret. However, when sending personal data, by pressing the send button you acknowledge that sending such data via the Internet is never without risk. Damage resulting from use of your personal data by unauthorised persons can under no circumstances be recovered from McDonald’s®.

Contact details

McDonald’s® Belgium,
'Airport Plaza'
Stockholm Building, 5th Floor
Leonardo Da Vincilaan 19
B- 1831 Diegem

Limitation of liability

We make every effort to supplement and update the information provided on this website as much as we can to ensure that you receive the most accurate possible information. However, it is always possible that some information may no longer reflect the reality. We ask for your understanding in this respect. You can always contact the McDonald’s® restaurant concerned.

McDonald’s® offers no guarantee as to the security of the website. This also applies to any viruses and computer fraud. Visitors should be aware that there are certain risks associated with use of the Internet. Any damage, including but not limited to damage to the visitor’s hardware or software resulting from a visit to our site, therefore cannot be recovered from McDonald’s® unless it is due to intent, gross negligence or fraud on the part of McDonald’s®. This limitation of liability does not apply in case of bodily harm or death.

“McDonald’s® accepts no liability for websites of third parties, including websites of franchisees of McDonald’s®, to which the visitor gains access via any hyperlinks appearing on the website, nor for any information found on those websites.”

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