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Answers to your questions about MyM Rewards.

The McDonald's app and MyM in general

What’s the McDonald's app and where can I download it for free?

With this application you’ll always carry our promotions, our loyalty program, and a lot of benefits and info with you. Download our app, register in advance, and explore it before your visit for things to go smoothly in the restaurant.

Questions about the possibilities of the app? Here you will find a short guide. For Apple iOS devices, you can find the app in the Apple App Store. For Google Android that is the Google Play Store.

How do I log in to the McDonald's app?

After downloading the app, you can click "More" > "My Account". There you can create a new profile.

In which country can I use the McDonald's Belgium app?

The McDonald's app can be used in many countries, but each country adds their own touch to it. You can therefore only use the Belgian promotions and the loyalty program in Belgium.

Do you want to use the app while going abroad? Check the participating countries in the app and go to "More" – "Region & Language". There you will find an overview of all countries that use the McDonald's app.

What can you do with the McDonald's app?

You can save points with every order. For every euro you spend, you earn 5 points. Collected enough points? Redeem them for a free McDonald's® product from your MyM Rewards!

You will also receive MyM Deals. These are very personal deals on your favorite McDonald's® products.

What are MyM Rewards?

Via MyM Rewards – in the McDonald's app - you save points with every purchase and redeem them for free McDonald's items.

Where can I find MyM Rewards?

You can find your MyM Rewards in the McDonald's app under “MyM” > “Rewards”.

Will I also receive a physical loyalty card?

No, you can only use the McDonald's loyalty program via the McDonald's app.

Who can save for MyM Rewards?

Anyone who uses the McDonald's app and creates an account can save up points with the McDonald's loyalty program.

What can I save up for?

With MyM Rewards you can save up points for free McDonald's items, like delicious burgers, desserts, snacks, or other nice surprises. Have a look at the complete offer of the moment in the app!

Can I pick the product I want to save up for?

We offer a selection of available products in the McDonald's app. From this selection, you can choose which product you like the most … and start saving for it!

How do I sign up for MyM Rewards?

Download the McDonald's app, and make sure you register to benefit from our loyalty program. Ready? Set … start saving!

If I scan a Deal, will my MyM QR code be registered automatically?

Yes. When you scan a MyM Deal or MyM Reward, your MyM QR code is automatically processed. So, you don't have to scan your MyM QR code again.

Is it possible to save points through McDelivery?

No, our loyalty program can only be used when ordering in the restaurant or via our McDrive. It’s not possible to save points through our McDelivery partners.

MyM Points

How do I save points?

If you scan your MyM QR code (which you can find at the top of your MyM tab) with every order, you’ll save points. Even when you redeem a MyM Deal or MyM Reward. So, don't forget to scan your QR code at the Kiosk, the cash register, or the McDrive.

What’s the value of MyM points?

For every euro you spend, you’ll receive 5 MyM Points.

How can I redeem MyM Points?

Check the app to see which free rewards or surprises are waiting for you, and how many points you need. Activate the free product and scan the QR code at the Kiosk, or at the cash register in the restaurant or McDrive.

How long are my points valid for?

Your points are valid for 12 months.

I placed one order with my friends. Now 1 person has received all points. Can we share them?

It’s not possible to share points. Would you like to receive points for your own order? Then place it separately via the Kiosk or at the cash register in the restaurant. It’s not possible to place separate orders via the McDrive if you’re all in the same car.

How and where can I view my points’ summary and history?

iOS: open the app and click “MyM” in the bottom menu bar.
Android: open the app, click the menu bar on the left, then click “MyM”. Click on the i-icon next to the QR code to expand an overview of your saved points and history.

Is there a savings limit?

Yes, you can save up to 5,000 points maximum.

I forgot to scan my app. Can I still get those points afterwards?

Woops, you can only save points by scanning your MyM QR code at the kiosk, the cash register or in the McDrive - before proceeding to payment. Did you forget to scan it? Then unfortunately you will not receive any points for this order. But we're sure you won't forget it next time!

How can I see how many points I need to save for a MyM Reward?

In the app, each Reward shows how many points you need to redeem it.

Didn't receive points after scanning your McDonald's app?

Within 30 minutes, your points are automatically added to your account. If this is not the case, please contact us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram or send an email to Make sure to have your receipt and restaurant information ready.

Redeem MyM Rewards

Where can I find the QR code for a MyM Reward in the app?

iOS: open the app and click “MyM” in the bottom menu bar. At the top of the next screen, click on “Rewards”.
Android: open the app and click the menu bar on the left, then click “MyM”. At the top of the next screen, click “Rewards”.

How do I scan the QR codes from the app?

Hold your phone directly in front of the scanner at the cash register, or the Kiosk. That’s it. Your scan will now be processed automatically. If you’re ordering via the McDrive, indicate that you want to scan your MyM QR code, and do it before you pay. Did you forget? Then unfortunately you cannot save points for this order.

Is it possible to redeem both a free MyM Reward and a MyM Deal – at the same time?

No, you can only apply one reward or deal per order. The free product or discount is applied immediately.

Can I scan my MyM QR code at any time?

You can scan your QR code at any time before paying. However, after you’ve paid, it’s no longer possible to collect points.

I activated a MyM Reward but decided not to redeem it.

You didn't scan your activated reward when ordering? It will reappear in your app, but it will take 45 minutes. This way, you can still redeem it another time. It's not possible though to convert your activated MyM Reward into points again.

MyM Deals

Does everyone see the same MyM Deals in the app?

No. Every user receives personalized MyM Deals that are completely tailored to their taste!


I don't want/can't download the McDonald's app, is there another way I can get MyM Rewards or MyM Deals?

No, you can only get MyM Deals, or save and redeem points for MyM Rewards if you have an account in the McDonald's app.

Why can't I use the app on a rooted device?

For security reasons, you can’t use our app on a rooted device.

Do you get an error message saying that your Android device is rooted? Then you can click “Play Protect” in Google Play. This way you can search for malicious apps that prevent you from using our McDonald's app.

My app isn’t working, and I can't save points. What should I do?

It’s best to contact us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram or We’ll investigate why your McDonald's app isn’t working.

I’m unable to download the app and complete the registration.

If you fail to register, please uninstall the app. Restart your phone and try downloading the app again. Test whether the app works via your mobile network (3G, 4G, 5G) and Wi-Fi.

I am not receiving a security code in my mailbox.

The speed at which you’ll receive the email, depends on your email provider. Wait 30 minutes before requesting a new code. Also, check your spam folder or junk email. Does this problem continue to occur? Then report this to your own email provider and contact us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram or

How do I change my email address?

Change your email address by opening your app and going to the section "More" - "My account" - "Change data". There you can enter your new e-mail address. Please note that your new email address will need to be re-verified with two-step verification.

What happens if I use multiple devices?

You can sign in on multiple devices, but your points are only saved on the device you first signed up with.

I’ve got a new phone: what should I do?

Have you deleted the McDonald's app, or did you change mobile phone? That’s fine because it’s possible to recover your points from your old account. Just download our app again and sign up with the same email address you used for the previous app.

Why can I only scan my MyM QR code to a limited extent?

To prevent fraud, scanning your QR code during ordering is limited to a number of times per hour and per day. For the same reason, you can't scan your app in different restaurants within a short time interval.

These precautions shouldn’t prevent you from using our app in a normal way. If that would be the case, please send an email to

McDonald's app privacy and security

What kind of data does McDonald's collect about me?

Only after you’ve given your permission, McDonald's will collect - among other things - data provided by you when creating a MyMcDonald's account. Such as your name, email address, zip code, (optional) birthday and preferences. In addition, McDonald's will process information about transactions to offer personalized MyM Deals and MyM Rewards and to add points to your balance. For more information, please check the Privacy & Cookie Statement in the app.

What does McDonald's do with my personal information?

McDonald's uses the information you provide in a variety of ways. McDonald's uses the personal data - among other things - to:

  • be able to provide you with certain services (such as personal MyM Deals);
  • inform you about the products, services, promotional offers or special events in which we think you are interested (for example via the app);
  • personalize your experiences in McDonald's restaurants.

The data we collect about you is not resold nor passed on to third parties, except to provide services on our behalf, such as consumer research.

More information about how McDonald's handles your Personal Data can be found in the Privacy & Cookie Statement in the app.

Securing your account in two steps.

Your account is secured with an extra step, namely with an email check. You’ll receive a confirmation code in the inbox of the email address you’ve signed up with. Thanks to this code, we’re sure that only you have access to all the goodies in your app account. And to your data.

Read more about this type of security on SafeOnWeb.

Why should I enable Location Services for this app?

We can use your location to help you find the nearest restaurant.

In addition, some restaurants offer local MyM Deals. You only see these when you’re near the restaurant. If you allowed Location Services, we’ll inform you about these specific promotions via a push message.

Why should I enable push notifications for this app?

We regularly inform you about our promotions via a push message, but you will also receive messages that are specifically intended for you. For example, when your points are about to expire, or if we’ve got some delicious offers especially for you. Don't want to miss a thing? Enable push notifications!

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?
The app's terms of use are available in the app itself. You can read through these without having to create an account. Just click “More” in the bottom menu and then proceed to “Terms & conditions”.
Download our McDonald’s® app

Download our McDonald’s® app

Collect MyM Points which you can swap for free MyM Rewards. Also, you'll regularly score exclusive MyM Deals and awesome extras, which we only offer to our app users!

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