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Below you will find an answer to a number of questions that we frequently receive.

What is the McDonald's app and where can I download it for free?

Obtaining the app and using it internationally

With the application you always have our promotions, our loyalty program and a lot of information in your pocket. Download and register in advance and discover it before your visit to make sure things go smoothly in the restaurant.

Save points with every order and exchange them for free products. Keep in mind that you can only use 1 promotion or loyalty reward per order.

Questions about the possibilities of the app? You can find a short guide here.

You can find the app for Apple IOS devices in the Apple App Store. For Google Android this is in the Google Play Store.

In which country can I use the McDonald's Belgium app?

You can use the McDonald's app in many countries, but each country has its own programs and promotions. You can therefore only use the Belgian promotions and loyalty program in Belgium.

Are you going abroad and do you want to use the app there? Then check the participating countries in the app and go to “More” - “Region & language”. You’ll see an overview of all countries that use the McDonald's app.


Why should I allow location services for this app

We can use your location to help you find the nearest restaurant.

In addition, some restaurants offer local promotions. You can only see this when you are in proximity of the restaurant (based on your location). We can let you know with a push message.

Why should I allow the push notifications for this app

We regularly inform you about our promotions via push message, but you also receive messages that are specifically intended for you. When your points are about to expire or with delicious offers tailored to your needs. If you don't want to miss anything, push messages are a must!

Account & Security

How can I log in to the McDonald's app?

After downloading you can create an account by clicking on "More"> "My account". There you can create a new profile.

Why do I have to register?

With the McDonald's app you can save loyalty points and receive personal coupons. We store this information in your personal account, which is well protected.

What happens if I have multiple active devices?

You can register on multiple devices. But the points are only stored on the first device with which you registered.

Securing your account in two steps (2FA / MFA).

Your account is secured with an extra step, namely two step verification through email. You will receive a confirmation code at the email address you entered during registration. With this code we know for sure that only you have access to all the goodness in your app account. And your data.

Read more about this type of protection on SafeOnWeb.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, first open your app. Then you go to the section "More" - "My account" - "Change data", here you can set your new e-mail address. Note: that email address will be re-verified with 2-step security.

Use and benefits

How many points can I save?

To prevent fraud, you can save up to 1000 points. When you have 1000 points, you have to exchange your points for one or more free products before you can start earning new points.

Why are some promotions not available in every restaurant?

Our restaurants are operated by independent franchisees. The decision to offer promotions to customers is thus determined locally by the franchisee for its own restaurants.

McDonald's promotions are available at participating restaurants. These promotions will appear based on your location in the application under the “Deals” section. Check your app regularly to be sure not to miss new promotions.

Keep in mind that you can only use 1 promotion or loyalty reward per order.

Can I also use the McDonald's app if I am not connected to the internet?
To trade in free products or use promotions, you must be connected to the internet. You can use the free WiFi that we offer in our participating restaurants.
How does the loyalty program work and how can I enjoy the free products

Once you have downloaded the McDonald's App and registered, you can use the loyalty program. How does this work? When you open the application and go to the "Deals" section, you will see a green card with a QR-Code at the top. This is your personal digital customer card. When you place an order, you will have to scan this code or say that you have a loyalty card and have it scanned by our crew.

Problems scanning? There is a numerical code under the QR code. You can enter this at the Kiosk or pass it on to the cashier.

Keep in mind that you can only use 1 promotion or loyalty reward per order.

What products can I obtain with my points

We have selected a number of products for which you can redeem your points. You can also get your favorite product in a menu. In addition, you can also regularly obtain temporary products in exchange for your points. Check your app regularly and don't miss a single product.

How can I exchange my points

Choose the product you want to receive and check if you have enough points. Activate this code when placing the order. Scan the QR code that appears in the app at the kiosk or McDrive (where possible) or have it scanned by our employees at the McDrive or checkout.

Keep in mind that you can only use 1 loyalty reward per order.


How many times can I exchange my points?

You can exchange the number of points in your account, but you can only enjoy one free product per order. Each product is worth a certain number of points. The more you visit McDonald's, the more points you will receive and the more free products you will be able to exchange.

The points you collect with your order are valid for one year. Exchange them in on time!

Can I cancel points exchanged?

No, as soon as you hit the “I want it now” button, you have 20 minutes to scan your QR code and complete your order with the free product. If you don’t finalize the order, we will put the selected product back in your app for later use. It is not possible to redeem this for loyalty points.

How long are my points valid?

The points you collect with your order are valid for one year. Trade them in on time!

We will send you a push notification one month before your points expire. So make sure you receive our push messages if you want to be informed about this.

Why can't I use the app on a rooted device?

For security reasons, you cannot use our app with a rooted device.

If you get an error message that your device is rooted on an Andoid, you can click Play Protect in Google Play. This will search for malicious apps that prevent you from using your McDonald's app.

Why are there limitation on the number of times I can scan my app?

To prevent fraud, scanning your loyalty card during an order is limited to a number of times per hour and per day. For the same reason, you cannot scan your app in different restaurants within a short time interval.

However, you should not be restricted by this limitation in normal use. If that would be the case, please contact

What do I do if I replace my phone?

Have you removed the McDonald's application or changed your mobile? No problem! It is possible to recover your points from your account. You just need to download our app and sign in with the same email address you used on the previous app. After this you will get all your points back.

When problems occur

What if I scan the QR code, but don't get any points?

Have you scanned your personal QR-Code (you can find it in the app at deals at the top), but do you not receive any points after completing the order? Keep in mind that it can take a few minutes for these to be added to your account.

They’re still not added? Then email us your receipt at We will add the points for you.

Where can I give feedback about my visit to McDo?

You can always let us know what you thought of your visit via the Feedback function in the app.

You also have the option to send an email to You will receive an answer within 48 hours on working days.

Download our McDonald’s® app

Download our McDonald’s® app

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